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Promoting plants, growing sales

Green Marketing Europe is led by Dr. Susanne Lux, who has supervised numerous projects in the area of market research and market analysis in the green sector, including woody plants and perennials, bedding and balcony plants and flowering indoor plants. Dr. Lux is the project manager for Stars for Europe, the European marketing campaign for poinsettias, as well as Pelargonium for Europe, which promotes geraniums. She has also supervised previous internationally recognised campaigns in the sector, such as Cyclamen Colour Europe.

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EU financing
EU financing

GME has successfully applied for financial support from the EU for both of its campaigns. Stars for Europe has been supported by the EU since 2011, and Pelargonium for Europe since 2020. Both campaigns were most recently awarded joint funding for a new EU campaign in Eastern Europe from 2023 to 2026, and further projects are in the pipeline.

Under the banners of "Europe in Bloom" and "Stars Unite Europe", the campaigns have been able to grow exponentially. This additional EU support allows us to push the limits of our activities and maximise a host of new opportunities.

With the aim to promote and secure the long-term future of plant sales in Europe, GME's EU campaigns implement a combination of measures comprising conventional PR, promotional activities, digital and social media marketing as well as industry communication, trade activation and quality assurance.

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Not only is the EU application process a complex one, but coordinating and actioning EU supported activities also requires extremely specialist knowledge and training. GME is pleased to have secured this support for so many years and plans to continue using it to fulfil campaign goals and benefit Europe's horticultural sector.

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