Pelargonium for Europe

Pelargonium for Europe (PfE) is a marketing initiative founded by European geranium breeders: Dümmen Orange, Elsner PAC, Florensis / P. van der Haak Handelskwekerij, Geranien Endisch, Selecta One and Syngenta.

The initiative began in 2016 with the aim to promote and secure long-term geranium sales in Europe. Pelargonium for Europe activities kicked off in 2017 and in 2020 the campaign widened to reach a total of 18 European countries. PfE is receiving financial support from the EU in six countries, as part of its EU campaign "Europe in Bloom 2020-2022".

Stars for Europe

Stars for Europe (SfE) is a marketing initiative founded by European poinsettia breeders: Dümmen Orange, Selecta One, Beekenkamp and Syngenta, supported by MNP Flowers.


The initiative began in 2000 with the aim to promote and ensure long term European poinsettia sales. Stars for Europe activities take place in 16 European countries.


Since 2011, the marketing initiative has been supported by the EU in some countries. Stars for Europe marketing activities aim at both the consumer as well as those in the green sector who participate in the poinsettia business. POS, PR and social media campaigns, marketing offers and multilingual websites address consumers, journalists and the green industry, informing them of varieties, cultivation and uses for poinsettias.


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