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about us

GME is a specialist marketing organisation experienced in large-scale, collaborative international campaigns in the ornamental plant sector. We specialise in generic plant promotion at both trade and consumer level, and our network of partners stretches across Europe. 


We work closely with our marketing board of breeders to coordinate a wide range of activities in 22 European countries, aimed at increasing the sales of specific plant groups. Our campaigns, delivered by our international partner agencies, are designed with carefully defined themes and targets based on consumer trends and market data. We have successfully applied for financial support from the EU for several years.


By increasing product awareness, targeting new markets and changing the perception of ‘old fashioned’ products, we aim to increase sales for green businesses throughout the chain.

our campaigns
stars for europe

promoting and ensuring long-term

poinsettia sales

pelargonium for europe

promoting and ensuring long-term

geranium sales

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